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Brown Brothers Distribution is dedicated to providing complete bodyshop solutions from start to finish, keeping you both competitive and productive. These videos take you through each stage of the repair process from vehicle cleaning to polishing to give you confidence in car body repair.

We have recently launched a dedicated Brown Brothers TV Channel. This contains all the latest product and repair process videos which can be viewed on mobile devices, making it easy to watch videos on the move.

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PPG Primer Filler Preparation Process



PPG Spot Belnder Application



PPG Spray Out Cards



PPG Primer Application DP6000



PPG Primer Application DP5000



PPG Spraygun Setup



PPG Waterborne Basecoat Cascade Method & Control Coat Application



PPG Matt Clearcoat Process



PPG Primer Filler Preparation Process


Bodyline® Airmax Abrasives


Bodyline Polishing Process

This video introduces the new polishing range from BODYLINE®; using the latest products, designed to help you achieve a first class repair.

Vehicle Masking & Etch Primer

In the below video you will learn the best practices to follow when masking a car repair in preparation for painting. Followed by the application of etch primer.

Applying Roll Primer

The below PPG training video covers applying roll primer to repaired vehicle surfaces. This includes top tips on masking, application and how to achieve the best possible finish in the bodyshop.

Colour ID

PPG have created the below video to help bodyshops efficiently identify the correct colour of a vehicle using a colour box or a RAPIDMATCH® sprectrophotometer. PPG understand the importance of identifying colour and want to share the knowledge of our expert technicians. The below video helps explore what to do when the colour code cannot be located or the vehicle has been refinished before.

Plastic Repairs

The below training video shows the detailed process of plastic repair including welding, filling, sanding and priming for car refinish. This includes the use of dry guide coat to highlight imperfections before the sanding process begins.

Engine Bay Process

The below online training video from PPG demonstrates how to efficiently apply the PPG Engine Bay system in the most effective way.

Spray Gun Setup

The below video demonstrates how to efficiently setup the spraygun for optimum atomisation of paint. This video includes setting the air pressure, creating a variety of fan patterns and reducing fluid delivery.

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