Understanding performance is key in order to be able to improve and Business Reporting is key to understanding existing performance. Brown Brothers is able to deliver Business Reporting to cover purchases, stocks held & therefore usage to meet both general & any bespoke needs. All reports delivered are designed to include the correct information to aid required business decision making and are available in an easy to use electronic format. Reports generally highlight spend over a given period and are able to be split into many product groups enabling an easy monthly review on what has been purchased. The data can split by any variable from product group, product type, specific brand or bodyshop area i.e. paint wet, dry ancillary, consumables, tools, equipment, valeting or specific ledger codes. Reports like this enable easy identification of trends, spend peaks & spend dips and due to the detail covered, highlights areas where focus may be needed.

In addition to purchase data based reports, stock held reports are also available.  The money tied up, or more importantly not tied up, in stocks held could be used for other aspects of running a Bodyshop business so having the optimum level of all stocks held is key.  For the Paint area, the use of Nexa Autocolor & PPG’s Paint Management systems identifies paint stock held to the millilitre coupled with exact usage information meaning stock levels can easily be set to their optimum level for the individual bodyshop. This approach is supported by the Allocator system for Dry Goods which allows product usage to be recorded against job numbers if required.

All of the data mentioned above can easily be considered against any sales or charge out data for that particular product area to identify profitability performance. This all means that Brown Brothers Distribution is able to deliver complete reporting solutions from start to finish.
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